Crash Test Dummies - The Cape Breton Lobster Bash Series
After becoming married, i wanted to show my beloved my favorite part of Canada - Cape Breton. So, we picked a town and some lodgings and stayed for a while. We were fortunate enough to meet some locals right away, all of them musical, and all very good people. My wife and I have been very close ever since meeting them 5 years ago. We go there each summer, and each summer I record a song about the local culture and characters. These were initially made for a charity to build a park in Englishtown, Cape Breton. The money was raised at an event called the Lobster Bash, hence the Lobster Bash Song and ensuing recordings. All of the Lobster Bash tunes are very Celtic, in keeping with the area's thriving Celtic culture. I would like to write and record 10 or 12 such songs over the years, and then package them as a collection, with extensive liner notes. But for now (2007), the latest offering is a song called "Buried on Kelly's Mountain", which was inspired by the close knit community that is Englishtown. Look forward to more of these each summer!

Note on the "My Name is Paul White" track: I have a very good friend living in Cape Breton, who is the only person in the town not to be a fisherman. He's originally from England, and takes some ribbing by the locals, who fish in summer and collect "social assistance" in winter. So, I put on my Celtic boots and I wrote this song for for him. He is a very talented person, and races motorbikes. Hope you enjoy.
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   Kelly's Mountain 2:32 $2.00
   It's A Small Town 2:35 $2.00
   Lobster Bash 3:00 $2.00
   My Name is Paul White 04:34 $2.00