Crash Test Dummies - I Don't Care That You Don't Mind
This album came about quite by accident. I was spending a summer on the South- West Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. I found myself idly penning some lyrics and tunes about the people and things around me. In the meantime, I hooked up with some local guys, lobster fisherman for the most part. They are all great guys and great musicians to boot. Our casual kitchen-party jams were something I looked forward to every week. Eventually we started working on some of the songs Id written, and they sounded so good I decided to make a record. Im very grateful for that time and those people.
   Price: $8.88
   Title Duration Price   Purchase
   I Don't Care That You Don't Mind 4:04 $0.88
   On And On 2:19 $0.88
   The Day We Never Met 4:22 $0.88
   Let It Feel Like Something Else 3:06 $0.88
   Little Secret 2:28 $0.88
   Sittin' On A Tree Stump 2:07 $0.88
   Buzzin' Flies 3:20 $0.88
   Yer Devil Ways 4:41 $0.88
   Hangin' Tree 2:52 $0.88
   Every Morning 2:52 $0.88
   Never Comin' Back 2:36 $0.88
   Put Me In The Corner Of Your Mind 4:46 $0.88
   Shoot 'Em Up, Shoot 'Em Down 4:54 $0.88
   I Never Fall Asleep At Night 2:25 $0.88