Crash Test Dummies - Puss 'N' Boots
This record was written by myself and a good friend, Stuart Cameron. I was going through a crazy time and writing with Stuart was the only thing that kept me sane. I would write the lyrics, and he the music. We wrote all day every day in my apartment in New York City, and did not stop until we had a demo of a complete song. Then we went out and got very drunk, and started all over again the next day. I canít thank Stuart enough for not just co-writing but also producing this record. The last track on that album, ďItíll Never Leave You AloneĒ, is one of the best songs Iíve ever put to tape.
   Price: $8.88
   Title Duration Price   Purchase
   It's A Shame 4:14 $0.88
   Never Bother Looking Back 2:58 $0.88
   I Never Try That Hard 4:47 $0.88
   Bye Bye Baby. Goodbye 3:01 $0.88
   If Ya Wanna Know 3:53 $0.88
   Flying Feeling 3:24 $0.88
   Your Gun Won't Fire 3:51 $0.88
   I'll See What I Can Do 3:19 $0.88
   Stupid Same 2:59 $0.88
   I'm The Man (That You Are Not) 3:33 $0.88
   Triple Master Blaster 2:51 $0.88
   Everything Is Better With Me 3:33 $0.88
   It'll Never Leave You Alone 3:18 $0.88