Crash Test Dummies - Songs Of The Unforgiven
I have always tried to temper any darkness in my lyrics with some humor. However, after 9/11, I was pretty bummed. I started writing lyrics that were mercilessly bleak. The funny this is, the last thing I wanted to do was write a 9/11 record. And indeed, no mention of that conflict is to be found anywhere on the record. In retrospect, though, I think it is a 9/11 record, but written in universal, rather than event-specific terms. Some listeners thought it beautiful, others hated it with a ferocity I rarely witness. One woman told me after listening to the record that she was absolutely disgusted and thought I had serious problems, advising me to seek help!
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   Prelude 0:19 $0.88
   Sonnet I (And When The Sun Goes Down) 2:32 $0.88
   And So Will Always Be 3:17 $0.88
   The Unforgiven Ones 2:54 $0.88
   Interlude 1 0:23 $0.88
   Come Down To The Sinkhole 2:35 $0.88
   Is The Spell Really Broken? 3:53 $0.88
   Everlasting Peace 2:39 $0.88
   Sonnet 2 (And Back In Ages Past) 2:41 $0.88
   The Beginning Of The End 3:00 $0.88
   Interlude 2 0:37 $0.88
   You've Had Your Run 3:22 $0.88
   There Is No Final Winner 2:13 $0.88
   You've Done It Once Again 3:46 $0.88
   Sonnet 3 (The Cold Is Here) 2:04 $0.88
   The Wicked And The Evil 3:03 $0.88
   Postlude 1:17 $0.88